What are your social media channel? 

Instagram : @newkears 

Facebook : New Kear's 


What are the owner social media channel?

Instagram : @roses.hope 

Facebook page: Roses.Hope 

Youtube : Roses hope 

Tik tok: @roses.hope

Pinterest: Roses Hope


Where are you located ? 

Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada 


Why your website is in US$? 

We choose this money type, cause it is easier for our international costumers to shop. 


Where does the name Kear's come from? 

The owner, Roses Hope, was looking to find something different. She tried many names and come up with Kear's. It is not a real word or an English word. It's totally from her imagination. 


Delay of shipping in Canada

3 to 9 days - Standard or free shipping 

1 to 4 days - Express Shipping

 * Shipping delay can be longer in November and December due to the Black Friday and holidays *