KEAR'S is a line of clothing, swimwears and accessories always made out of RECYCLED MATERIALS . Some of them come from fish nets removed from the ocean, recycled water bottles, textiles scraps and used carpets scraps. With each purchase, you also contribute to clean the ocean and you give a second life to materials.


Our goal

We want to have a positive impact on our planet. We are committed to respect the environment with each and every business decision we made. We want to recycle the more materials we can. 

We also want to have an impact on human. For us, every person is beautiful and equal : man, woman, gay, lesbian, bisexual, homosapiens, white, black, green, turquoise, big, small, without glasses, big eyes, big legs, a little too proud, funny laugh, orginal, straight, alien. Everyone should be able to be who they are and not afraid to assert themselves.   



Who is the owner ? 

The owner is @Roses.hope, Rose Guillemette. She was 21 years old, when she officially opened New Kear's. 


How It started 

At the age of 15, Rose went on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala to work in an orphanage. At the age of 16, she went on a same trip in Haiti to work in a school and with children. Those trips made her discover her biggest passion, travelling. This allows you to open yourself to other realities, to know other cultures, to live incredible experiences and much more.
She was shocked a few times in Guatemala. If only you had seen the villages, there was so much waste. Nevertheless, She want to mention that Guatemala is a beautiful country, but in some places it is still highly pollute. She was shocked to see all the waste through out in the streets and the cities. We could even smell the stench of it in certain places. It was like living beside a garbage dump. Her vision of recycling really changed after seeing the reality of this country. 
During her first year of college in fashion marketing, we were learning how polyester was made. She said to herself : why aren't we recycling it. She saw a possible way to do it. At this moment, her perception of the fashion industry really changed. Later, she searched on internet to see if it was done anywhere else in the world, without result. From that emerged her concept. 
So she always kept this idea on mind and two years later she finally started working on her project. It was while doing an internship in France as part of her collegial fashion marketing program. She started to devote more and more time at it.
She had a lot of doubts, disappointments, successes. But with help from some friends and hours of hard work later, her ecological brand is launched. 

My perception @ roses.hope
« One thing has always been crucial to me, I do not wanted to make clothes for making clothes ... I design clothes with RECYCLED materials to change things. I do not even understand companies that keep using new materials instead of recycling those that already exist. Imagine all the clothes produced and thrown away, all around the world... »


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